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Discover, Close & Deliver New Business Differently

You may be an entrepreneur, a CEO, a business development pro or a consultant. You are definitely a strategist who believes in working smart, not just hard. And you know that your calendar, skills, and rolodex make the difference between your company thriving or just surviving. Driving large sales is your focus. That's why you are constantly working on developing relationships in the executive suites of mid-sized and larger companies, or well-funded startups. That's why you are here.

This is not your typical lead exchange group

Our members focus on large, complex business-to-business sales at the director-level and above, so most business networking and leads groups or Chamber mixers don't provide them with the resources they need. We're different. Our forum of business developers knows that the fastest way to the executive suite is through partnerships with others focused on B2B. That's why we leverage our combined skills and executive contacts to fill our calendars, expand our pipelines and increase the value we offer our corporate clients.

We combine the online and offline networking worlds

Online and offline networking each have their places. Online networking can maximize schedules, and create or maintain relationships with people who are not otherwise physically available on a regular basis. Face-to-face meetings, on the other hand, have a way of strengthening relationships and deepening trust. We utilize both meeting formats to maximize results.

B2B Power Exchange runs physical meetings in areas where our group has established critical mass. Word of these groups has spread across the country for several reasons: the caliber of our attendees, the targets they pursue and the business opportunities they are developing together.

Our online leads groups can be used to visually and aurally communicate things to an audience that often can’t be conveyed in a group setting. Plus, we are using the online format to help attendees reach other parts of the country where they would like to develop relationships - even when they can't personally be there.

If you are looking for people who think about business development the way you do - Welcome to B2B Power Exchange! We have been expecting you.

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